What You Need To Know About The iPhone Touch Disease

When cell phones with keypads were still a hit, the usual problem was malfunctioning keypads. Now, with the advent of smartphones, the problems faced by users are touch diseases.Image result for cheap iPhone repair

Can Your iPhone Catch A Disease?

What is a touch disease? This term refers to issues of touch screens that manifest only after being subjected to stress such as being dropped or being slammed against a hard surface. Just occurrences, however, aren’t something that a user cannot entirely prevent. Accidental drops are common especially if you carry your phone around. For the one’s with butter fingers, there are plenty of iPhone repair shop’s around you than can repair your accidents.

However, even if we like it not, drops, slams, and any other collision with another hard surface can possibly cause touch disease. The touch disease can range from slower responsive rate of the touchscreens to frozen screens, where the touchscreen will stop working. Some users experience touch disease only in a matter minutes.

Worst case scenario is the touch disease will last for months! Indeed, the touch disease can be the cause of irritation and annoyance to some users.

Touch Disease Is Not Just An iPhone Thing

Sadly, no smartphone is immune to the touch disease, not even the iPhones. From the original iPhone to the newest ones, some user had reported that they have experienced touch disease. As a matter of fact, even the magnificent iPhone 6 Plus with all its power cannot prevent touch disease from happening. That is why Apple has rolled out last year a repair program to fix the iPhone 6 Plus devices inflicted with the touchscreen disease.

The company also said that the issue stemmed from faulty chips. These chips underneath the screens tend to loosen up when the phone is subjected to stresses such as an accidental drop. Aside from the repair program, Apple endeavored to reimburse users who already had their phones repaired. Nevertheless, some users opt to take things before the courts and filed cases against the company.

No Easy Fix For The Disease

Because of the obvious headaches the touch disease caused and is still causing, prudence is needed on the part of the users. Smartphones and touchscreen phones nowadays are indeed jam-packed with features and stronger hardware.

But it doesn’t mean that they are immune to external stresses. In some cases, higher end phones should be handled with more care than the lower end ones. Do not put your phone in your bag together with other items heavier than it.

The phone can be piled under the heavier items when your things are just mixed inside your bags. Use the phone pockets most bags have. Put down your phone on stable surfaces like middle of the table and not on the edge. It might be a bit harder to reach for them if they’re placed like that but the hassle of getting them is lesser than the hassle of getting your phone fixed after an accidental fall. In addition, it is recommended to hold the phone away from your head instead of pressing it up against your ears.

These are just some of the simple things you can do to better take care of your phone and avoid having touch disease. Like they all say, prevention is better than cure.

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